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       Our mission is to promote and organize hiking and cultural exchanges in the Italian mountains as well as other mountains of the world.   

    Second Saturday hike in Discovery Park


Norway 2017 trip pictures thanks to Norizan

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 October 14 Wallace Falls           
July 22 Milk Carton Derby on Green Lake







July 8 Hike to Sauk Mt.

This Saturday morning the sky was clear and blue as eight of made our way up the face of Sauk Mt.  The parking lot was almost full when we parked about 10:00, so had a chance to visit with a lot of folk we didn't know.  However there was room enough to sit on rocks while eating lunch and enjoying the 360 degree view.  Have a look at what we saw:



The CAI-PNW used to include stories about people and other human interest articles.  On the June Hike Cam shared information about an Italian language course taught  by a friend of her's.  Enjoy thinking about learning Italian in October near Lake Como.  

Amid the warm colours of autumn, Bellagio (Lake Como) will host, from 23rd October to 10th November, the first residential, semi-intensive Italian courses for foreigners; the one-week courses will take place at the Hotel Il Perlo.

A base beginners’ course will start on 23rd October: simple but fun, the course aims for rapid knowledge of everyday Italian, useful for travellers who wish to understand and express themselves in typical situations of everyday life in Italy (introducing themselves, shopping, eating out at a restaurant, hiring a car, dealing with unexpected problems etc).
The course consists of 19 lessons: 3 lessons a day, from Monday to Friday, plus two afternoons (2 + 2 lessons) out and about in Bellagio in the company of the teacher.
Very special prices. To know more see:


May hikes near Wenatchee and Leavenworth:

First of all, a big thank you to Bev Riter for putting on the Ritz at Bev and Ron's home in Leavenworth. A great weekend of hiking and fellowship was had by all. Three different hikes were taken, to Horselake Preserve, to Sauer Mountain, and to Ingall's Creek. Very different ecosystems, all with a plethora of flowers. Oh, the flowers! Balsam root, lupine, paintbrush,  phlox, bare stem parsley, larkspur, daisies, Hooker's fairy bell, avalanche lilies, and many others. The highlight of the trip was not the flowers, it was the superb strawberry pie made by Bev.   From Karen.

Many thanks go to Karen Korner for organizing and leading three hikes over the weekend.  Going to her home for dinner on Friday evening was like stepping into a model home featured in the latest architectural magazine.  And….she designed it herself, just for her!  The view looking down to Wenatchee and the hills across the valley was a site to behold, especially as shadows and highlights adorned the hills as the sun lowered in the sky.  This lovely atmosphere added to the delicious gourmet dinner she presented to us!  Thanks, Karen, let’s do this again! From Bev.


Birding along the Padilla Bay Trail was cancelled due to sickness and rain.  It may be rescheduled.   


Lummi Island, February 11, 2017


Snowshoe to Grace Lakes

Hike Jan 2017


November 12 Hike along Inter Urban Trail in Shoreline


Seventeen CAI enthusiasts met near Shoreline City Hall in very blustery conditions to walk a part of the Interurban Trail. From 1910 to 1939 the Interurban was a popular train route linking several communities, and today the trail stretches north to Everett. Our group walked south from about 178th all the way to the Bitterlake Community Center at about 132nd in Seattle. We stopped for photos near 145th, and noted as we crossed the street that at the midpoint we were in either "Sealine" or "Shorttle". On the return route we walked a little faster with the promise of lunch with Cam Bradley at Spiro's Pizza and Pasta at 185th and Aurora. The folks at the restaurant bent over backwards to accomodate our large group. Could a future outing be one heading north on the Interurban and a return to Spiro's?

Submitted by Diane Clifford

          September 26 - October 10  CAI-PNW trip to Croatia


15 people signed up to hike to Valhalla Lake on a perfect sunny day with mild temperature. The first part of the trail was a little steep rocky and rooty, but leveled off on the second half. 

Given the number of hikers pretty soon it split up  according to ability. We reach the lake on 3.5 miles. It was hard to ignore the blueberries along the way, but on the way back some of us stopped  and did some picking. 

     August 13 Oyster Dome Hike
   July 9 Hike to Deception Pass
  June 11 & 12 Weekend Retreat in Leavenworth
    May Hike to Beaver Lake
  Peru trip March 5 - 18 2016
            Pictures of CAI-PNW 2016 Activities




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