CAI-PNW Cyprus Participants: Please review the 4 sections below. The first section includes our release and indemnity agreement that you should or will have signed when you became a member.  It is included here as a reminder of your responsibilities in assuming risks while on this trip. The second, third, and fourth sections are intended to help you understand and acknowledge the volunteer aspects of this trip. Please sign and return the last three to your trip leaders by email, make a copy and mail or bring to them to the first activity of the trip.

Thank you from the CAI-PNW Council and from the organizers of this trip.

Section 1:



Club Alpino Italiano - Pacific North West


I, (print name)________________________________________________, hereby state that I wish to participate in trips and/or activities offered by CAI-PNW, a nonprofit, volunteer organization.  I recognize any outdoor activity may involve certain dangers, including but not limited to the hazards of traveling in a country other than the USA, traveling in a mountainous terrain, accidents or illness in remote places, force of nature, and the actions of participants or other persons.  I further understand and agree that without some program providing protection of its organizers, volunteers and leaders, CAI-PNW would not be able to offer its trips and activities.

In consideration of and as part payment for the right to participate in the activities offered by CAI-PNW, I agree to RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY CAI-PNW and its members from any and all liability, claims and causes arising out of or in any way connected with my participation, or the participation of any minor that I am signing on behalf of, in any activities offered by CAI-PNW.  I personally assume all risks in connection with these activities.  If I am signing on behalf of a minor, I further agree to HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY CAI-PNW and its members from all liability, claims and causes of action which the minor may have arising from the minor’s participation in activities.  The terms of this agreement shall serve as a release and indemnity agreement for my heirs, personal representative, and for all members of my family, including any minors.  (Parents or legal guardians must sign for all persons under eighteen (18) years of age.
I have read this release and indemnity agreement and have fully informed myself of its contents before I have signed it.

Signature of the participant ______________________________ Date ___________

Signature of parent/guardian if participant is under 18 yrs.    _____________________

         Date   __________


Please understand that while we try to ensure that all accommodations with in each location are equal, there may be some minor differences between hotel rooms.  The trip is more economical for everyone because of the group rates we have arranged for some meals, the rifugios, and small hotels.  These trips are planned, organized, and guided mostly by volunteers and trying to make minor individual adjustments in costs to account for small variations in rooms is difficult.  Your acceptance that there will be these slight variants, we will be most appreciative.


Keep in mind that this is not a professional tour organization or trip where everything is taken care of for you and that you can get your money refunded if you are not satisfied.  You will be responsible for keeping the itinerary with you at all times, for using a map and public transportation if necessary to get to the meeting points on time, and for being prepared with appropriate clothes for the day’s activities, and, if specified, a packed lunch.  You are responsible for letting the leaders know if you want to do a less strenuous hike than planned or if you are opting to do something else on your own for the day.  When on hikes, you must stay with the group or notify the leader of your deviation whether it be going ahead of the group or staying behind.  If you do decide to separate from the group, we will ask that you take one of the Walkie Talkies with you so that we can get in touch if needed.  Please be flexible and accepting of the changes, delays, miscalculations, disappointments, and surprises that may happen.  They really are part of the adventure.


All of the CAI-PNW trips are initiated, planned and conducted by volunteers - some in Italy or other hosting countries, some by the CAI-PNW Council, members and friends here in the Pacific Northwest. This economical and personal kind of travel can only continue to function and be available to people who love to hike and to grow culturally if those who enjoy a trip contribute their time and efforts toward future trips.  While you may not be asked to help with a hiking trip in the Northwest for the very same people who have guided you in some international destination, you need to contribute your fair share to the trips we are organizing.  Your trip now is only possible because of the work people in CAI-PNW have done previously for other international exchanges.  Our trips are part of a reciprocal system with other hiking groups and it is important to help and be part of that system.




                                                                                                                                                    _____  I ACCEPT THE POSSIBLE IMPERFECTIONS AND VARIATIONS ON THIS ADVENTURE.

Signed: ___________________________________________ Date: __________

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