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This is the site for CAI PNW, a subsection of the Pisa section of the Italian Alpine Club. Members of CAI PNW share with Pisa members the benefits of membership in the Italian Alpine Club. These include participation in CAI outings, discounts at alpine huts in Europe, and accident rescue insurance within the alpine areas of Europe.

Those with a yen to travel to Italy for alpine walks, climbs and outdoor adventure will benefit from membership. The extensive range of club sections in Italy offers many opportunities for rambling, hiking, bicycling, rock climbing, caving, randonee skiing, and cross country skiing.

A program of outings in the Seattle area provides contact with fellow Italy fans. This mixing of Italy enthusiasts includes experienced travelers who are excellent resources for traveling in Italy and elsewhere.

CAI Info & History

CAI in Seattle is very young. It was born in 2002, but the seeds to create it started some years ago, precisely with the first exchange between The Mountaineers and CAI in 1995 and 1996.

Since then, the two clubs have continued their cooperation, in 1997 for a trip to England, in 1998 a biking trip to Chianti region in Tuscany, for suggesting the exchange of The Mountaineers with Australia, and every year providing membership to the participants of The Mountaineers trips to Europe, up to the next trip to Sicily in 2009.

CAI-PNW Mission and Program

The aim of our club is mainly to share between American and Italian mountaineers a common interest in exploring and preserving mountain environments.

Member activities include local trips, mountain travel publications, inter-club exchange visits, social events, dinners, and festivals. In particular, CAI-PNW organizes mountaineering trips for American members to Italy, and hosts trips for Italian members in Washington, in order to let them enjoy the Pacific Northwest.

One of the most fascinating activities of the club, are the international exchange programs. During the exchange, the program of activities is mainly suggested by local people, who know the best places to walk, to stay and to eat. Mainly due to the exchange of hospitality, while in Italy you may have the possibility to walk together with Italians, to stay in their houses, to live with them; you have the possibility to have a full immersion in the Italian culture. Likewise, for the members coming from Italy, the trip to the States will be, without any doubt at all, one of the most interesting ones, and will give them the opportunity to make wonderful new friendships.


Benefits of being CAI-PNW Member

In addition to fellowship, being a member of CAI-PNW gives you:

- association relationships with other alpine clubs;

- mountaineering rescue insurance, while in Italy and Europe;

- discount schemes in some sport shops in Italy;

- discount lodging rates in Rifugio in the mountains of Italy and Europe. Usually rifugio are very comfortable, they offer food and lodging, often in spectacular surroundings.

While in Italy, CAI members have a large discount, up to 50% for accommodation, at any CAI rifugio. And CAI owns 761 rifugio (in 2007), spread all around Italy.

CAImembers have also large discounts in rifugio owned by other Alpine Clubs, such as in France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, etc., since there is reciprocity among the clubs, which are members of the “Association International des Associatiions d’Alpinisme”

Brief history of the Alpine Club of Italy (CAI)

From “The Alps of Tuscany” (1998) by Francesco Greco updated

Brief history of the Alpine Club of Italy (CAI)

From “The Alps of Tuscany” (1998) by Francesco Greco updated 2003

The Alpine Club of Italy (CAI) was founded on August 12, 1863 by Quintino Sella, a scientist and a statesman from Biella (close to Turin). Just after having climbed M. Monviso, the mountain from which the Po river originates, Quintino Sella had the idea to associate Italian mountaineers into a Club, as it had happened the year before in Great Britain and in Austria, and only few months earlier in Switzerland.

At the beginning, CAI had its only location in Turin. Later they settled the first branches: Aosta, Agordo, Firenze, Napoli, Sondrio, Bergamo, Roma, Milano, Cuneo, Lecco, and many others. As you can see the scope became immediately nationwide: from big cities to small towns, from the Alps to the South.

After the first World war two main Associations, rich in history and experience, the Societa' degli Alpinisti Tridentini (Association of the Tridentine mountaineers) and Societa' Alpina delle Giulie (Alpine Association of Julian Alps) became sections of CAI.

The life of CAI is based on the enthusiasm of the members and their voluntary activities.

These are the pushing forces which rendered possible the large spectrum of implementations in favor of the mountain and mountaineers:

  • 765 rifugio (manned or unmanned huts), bivouacs, shelters in the Alps, Appennini and Islands; the number includes the rifugio of the Apuane Alps listed in the chapter 'Where to stay and Where to eat'; all CAI rifugio are listed in Internet at:

  • 482 Sections (Milano founded in 1874, Florence in 1868, Pisa in 1926);

  • 319 Subsections;

  • -235 Stations of the National Alpine & Speleological Rescue Corps, with over 7,000 volunteers;

  • a National Alpine Library, located in Torino;

  • a National Museum (Museo della Montagna), located in Torin

  • Concerning CAI people, we were:

  • 2533 Instructors of Alpinism (Rock Climbing, Alpinism skiing, Free Climbing, Caving, Cross-country skiing);

  • 1222 leaders and assistants, in addition to national field experts, national alpine leaders for young, Glaciers surveyors, operators for the protection of the mountain and environment, national avalanche experts;

  • more than 303,000 members all over Italy.

All the above render CAI an efficient organization of Public Utility.

The section of Pisa is active in the Club with the aim to promote any mountaineering activity, to study and explore the mountains and to preserve the environment. To this aim the 500 members of the Pisa section have the following organization to offer: 2 national instructors of Alpinism, 4 instructors of Alpinism, 18 assistants of Alpinism, 3 instructors of ski-mountaineering, 3 mountaineering leaders, hike leaders and volunteers.

The Pisa section is divided into several groups: Alpinism Group, Speleological Group, Hiking Group, Cross-country Ski, Mountaineering Ski, Alpine Ski. Every group has available gear to rent (ropes, crampons, ice-axes, helmets, skis, harness).

A library with a large choice of mountaineering books and a complete Monti d' Italia (Mountains of Italy) book collection is available to the members.

Through suitable courses of rock-climbing and winter alpinism the section of Pisa contributes to promote the mountain into the young generations, to improve their technical preparation, to increase and update the climbing and hiking knowledge, to let them know from inside the fascinating mountaineering world, rich in history and civilization.

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CAI-PNW Membership

Yearly membership currently costs $40per individual, $22for a spouse (Familaire/Spouse/Partner Membership) and $22 for student membership. There is a $8 first time initiation fee that covers a membership book and administrative expenses. This expense will easily be justified the first day the traveler seeks the delights of the mountains of Italy.

Add $40.00 if you also want to receive the CAI Italian magazines. Lo Scarpone (the boot) is a monthly magazine, La Rivista del CAI" is a bimonthly magazine.

For membership information, contact: Florence Burnett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Yearly membership cost examples for new members and renewal for current memberships




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Youth (born after 2001)


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I, (print name)________________________________________________, hereby state that I wish to participate in trips and/or activities offered by CAI-PNW, a nonprofit, volunteer organization. I recognize any outdoor activity may involve certain dangers, including but not limited to the hazards of traveling, whether in the USA or in a country other than the USA, traveling in a mountainous terrain, the risk of accident or illness in remote places, force of nature, and the actions of participants or other persons. I further acknowledge and agree that CAI-PNW would not be able to offer its trips and activities absent the protections afforded by this Release and Indemnity Agreement.


Therefore, in consideration and part payment for the right to participate in travel and/or other activities offered by CAI-PNW, I hereby RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY CAI-PNW and its officers, directors, trip leaders and members from any and all liabilities, claims and causes of action arising out of or in any way connected to my participation or the participation of any minor on whose behalf I sign this Agreement, in any activities offered by CAI-PNW. I personally assume all risks in connection with these activities. If I am signing on behalf of a minor, I represent that I am the parent or legal guardian of such minor. I further agree to HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY CAI-PNW and its officers, directors, trip leaders and members from any and all liabilities, claims and causes of action of such minor arising from the minor's participation in activities offered by CAI-PNW. The terms of this Agreement shall be binding on my heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns. (Parents or legal guardians must sign for all persons under eighteen (18) years of age.)


I have read this RELEASE and INDEMNITY AGREEMENT and have fully informed myself of its contents before signing.


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