SEATTLE by Giovanni Tagliabue. We met in the Centre of Seattle at eleven in Kerry Park. It was raining and we could not see the landscape, but our guide Kathy was very colorful. We were happy to meet all together. Kathy took us to see the Tree of Life a masterpiece made of colored glass. Then we went walking and saw beautiful old houses plenty of flowers. These houses are very different from ours much more big and comfortable. We went walking as far as Sculpture Park, showing interesting modern sculptures and gardens plentiful of colored flowers. In the meanwhile the sun was shining and Seattle looked even better! We kept on going along the port saw the fantastic skyline of the city, that’s also amazing and unusual for us. At two we went to the restaurant. It was a very large one and very similar to the interior of a ship. We enjoyed the sea food there and watched the fifty years marriage album Kathy made. A unique idea! n the afternoon we reached the Pike market. 

It was a very lively place full of colors and people. Then we went to Sue and Mark’ home for the Welcome party. Outside the door there were 3 balloons with the color of the Italian flag. It was a very nice and original idea. Then we met all the hosts of the exchange. We had delicious food and we could talk to the other people. We where almost 25 people and each of us had sewed the name, Flo made it for any of us. I could not imagine the American CAI members could be so friendly and kind before I met them. Thank you for all what you did and for your friendship.














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