NORTHWEST TREK by Anna Cartisano and Giovanna Scalfati. On July 22nd, Friday, we took a train along the North West Trek. We could watch a lot of native animals, which we usually watch only in TV. There were deer, elks, otters, raccoons, many kinds of birds, and even bears, cougars, grey wolves and the majestic bison. We thought of Native Americans hunting hundreds of bison, and realized there are a few bison left, and the bison time is definitely over. That gave us a feeling of tenderness and regret.

Reflections about the Reflection Lakes: we reached the snow eventually, and what a jaw dropping landscape! The misty Mount Rainier in front was endlessly covered and cleared by clouds like a grey wolf hiding in the woods and showing again. It was late afternoon, the best time of the day for the light being so bright and the clouds mirroring in the lake. We went on stepping the snow, silent and walking in one line. During the short walk along the lake we enjoyed the iced surface brightening green, blue and grey colors in the water. Eventually, after visiting the visitor center, we got to Paradise Inn, a “Historic Lodging surrounded by Timeless Majesty”. We were amazed by its wooden structure, the logged spider net and the large, comfortable hall. The inside was warm in spite of its expanse. After dinner, a well organized star party allowed guests to get in touch with Saturn and its rings and satellites, Vega and many amazing star clusters. It was so exciting to look through telescopes to the infinite!

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