A Visit to Lummi Island, February 11, 2017

Our hike began as our well bundled group walked aboard the Whatcom Chief. This small 22 car ferry serves Lummi Island, so named in 1853 by the U.S. National Geologic Survey after the local Native American tribe.

From the ferry dock, we proceeded right, taking us past the post office, the Beach Store Cafe and the crisply painted vintage Beach Elementary School building. The post office was established in 1882, when mail was addressed to Beach, Washington. Today the mail is addressed to Lummi Island, Washington. The Beach Store Cafe & Beach Elementary retain the “Beach” community name.

While our local mountains were experiencing abundant snowfall and high avalanche danger, we experienced a dry hike with generous sunbreaks and only a few small snow pile remnants from earlier in the week. The sunbreaks warmed our backs with radiant energy. Quaint roads and the indulgence of island motorists, coupled with respect for hikers made the island views even more enjoyable. Lunch and additional conversation were relished at the picnic table behind the big white Lummi Island Congregational church. With a bit of last minute quick stepping, we very efficiently caught our return ferry with no waiting time. All had an enjoyable time, though our four footed hiker developed a limp. We were happy to learn it disappeared upon his return home Submitted by John

Destination: Lummi Island            

Distance/Time: 7 miles (option making 10.5 miles)

Elevation gain: < 200 ft (option 1000 ft)

Highest point: 1000 ft

Description: Loop hike mostly on country roads enjoying the country solitude and island ambiance.  It is truly a northwest experience including a ride on the pint size Whatcom Chief Ferry.



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