A CAI-PNW Trip of 16 days in Iceland

July 17-August 3, 2018

Incredible waterfalls, dramatic mountains, rugged fjords and remote fishing villages are just a few of the scenic and cultural treasures to be found as we travel Iceland’s famous Ring Road, a narrow ribbon of civilization that circles the island. Along the way we will do some hiking, bird-watching and photography. From the capital of Reykjavik, we will head east to discover World Heritage sites and the great fault that forms the boundary between Europe and North America. As we go south we will encounter fabulous waterfalls, black sand beaches and cultural sites, both past and present.  We continue along the base of the recently erupted Mount Eyjafjallajokull and the vast glacier of Vatnajösþjóðgarðurkul following the southern coast east to remote fishing villages along the North Atlantic. Turning north, we head back through the barren interior to the volcanic area around Lake Myvatn and the scenic town of Husavik, huddled on the north coast just below the Arctic Circle. Continuing west, we enter the remote Westfjords. It’s a slow drive along the fjords on gravel roads. A boat ride to Hesteyri and the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve will cap our stay in Isafjordur. We complete our ring road adventure with a ferry to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, the setting for Jules Vern’s journey to the center of the earth, and on to a farewell dinner on our last night near the Keflavik airport. Other hikes and cultural experiences are possible and will be determined by the group’s interests.

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