Snowshoeing at Gold Creek Valley

Snowshoeing at Gold Creek Valley

Winter Outing Trip report

On a sunny day John, Joanne, Tatiana and George headed to Snoqualmie Pass for a day of snow shoeing. Our original plan was to park at the Silver Fir parking lot and take the snow shoe route to Hyak Lake and then continue to the Grand Junction hut for lunch and then take the White Rabbit ski run back to the Lodge. A distance of approximately 3 miles

Unfortunately we were informed that the sno shoe trail to Hyak  was not groomed. We inspected the beginning of the trail and confirmed the message and decided against breaking trail to the Hyak Lake was more work than we wanted to do.

We then decided to take the Gold Creek Trail instead. Upon arrival at the trail head we were greeted by about 15 students from the Discovery School in West Seattle who were on a class project in which they all made their own snowshoes from recycled material. This was a great idea and they were gathered to take off and try them out. A student is modeling his snowshoes for us. Pretty cool idea.

This trail is popular and continues up the gold creek valley for approximately 5 miles. We headed up the trail to Gold Creek Pond which is basically a gravel pit created during the construction of I 90. It’s a cool pond and the State has build a trail around the lake which is paved and ADA accessible. A person in a wheel chair can take the trail from the parking lot. There are also picnic tables and benches on the trail ( buried in snow now ), But in the summer it’s a nice place to hike and enjoy the sunny southern exposure.

Unfortunately the Pond is in the center of a controversial plan to drain the pond in an effort to increase the gold creek water level to help the bull trout reach their spanning grounds further upstream. This is due to low water during the summer which prevents the trout reaching their destination.

Anyway, after hiking around the lake we stopped at George’s cabin for some snacks , hot drinks and to rest. Following our stop we continued up the valley on a well defined snow shoe trail for approximately one mile. We then returned to our vehicle. Total distance approximately 4 miles. We stopped at the DruBrew restaurant at the Pass for some more food and hydration.

All in all, a great outing on a beautiful winter day.

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