CAI-PNW January 2020 Hike – Seattle

CAI-PNW January 2020 Hike – Seattle

Olympic Sculpture Park

On January 11th, several of us gathered at the “Father and Son” fountain at the entry to the Olympic Sculpture Park in uptown Seattle.  We then spent a couple of rain-free hours enjoying the sculptures and pondering the relationships between art and nature (because that’s what the written descriptions invited us to do). The original plan was to do a longer walk along the Elliott Bay trail, but the scattered sculptures allowed us to get quite a bit of walking in while not really going very far from our starting point. 

The photo shows all nine humans in our entourage, plus George’s dog Camille. The dog out front belongs to the nice woman who agreed to take our group photo. (The humans were all asked to provide a three-paragraph essay on their favorite sculpture, but so far I haven’t received a thing.)

For the record, I’m partial to “Wake,” very large steel forms that resemble waves or battleships, depending on where one is standing while viewing them.  But they are all interesting.

Submitted by Diane Clifford