Piazza Perugia Dedication

We were pleased to be part of the Piazza Perugia dedication as part of the Seattle Perugia Sister City Association October 14, 2019.  This has been the culmination of some eight years of work and the event was hosted by the SPSSA, the City of Perugia, Italy, the Deruta Company of the Moretti family, Percorso Italiano Language School and Caffe Umbria.  It was perhaps one of the most civil events that society has offered in recent memory.

One can see from the photos of the Piazza Perugia the beautiful intricate hand painted tile work done by Deruta and still operated by the Moretti family.                                                                                                

Lorena Falcinelli, an expert in languages from Perugia, rounded out the list of dignitaries and the hospitably committee enjoyed making sure they were at the right place at the right time during their one week stay. Events included food, the Chihuly Glass Museum, food, a presentation at the U of W by Giorgio Moretti, food, a Boeing Everett tour, food, walking tour of Pioneer Square area and an American BBQ. The Honorable Franco Tesorieri was sighted at many of the events.

The dedication was well attended with about seventy people gathered on a crisp sunny autumn morning.  Presentations were by Mike James, Leslie Keller SPSSA President, Giorgio Moretti, and Michele Fioroni of the Perugia EDC, with an event blessing by the Duwamish tribe. 

We would like to invite everyone to visit this new park. It is located at the SE corner of East Harrison and MLK East.

Joel Patience is a watercolor artist and independent writer.  His inspirations are from travels with his wife Dale Bonn.