Boulder River Trail Hike – May 14, 2021 Report

Nine CAI-PNW members met at 10:30 AM at the Boulder River trailhead for a fun-filled day of hiking in this beautiful area.

The biggest thrill was dodging the potholes on the road for three miles to the Trailhead!

The trail is more technical with rocks, logs and roots however in very good condition. WTA (Washington Trail Association) cut several trees that had fallen across the trail. Thank you WTA for all your obvious efforts on the trail!

The 2 waterfalls are awesome and very full (thank you Clarence for having the Ranger District turn them on for us) The first waterfall at 1-1/2 miles in, is unnamed with two braids of water and had the most flow. The second one was very pretty however much lower in height from the river and had less water flowing over it.

Four of the hikers chose to go back after the first waterfall with 5 of us continuing to the end of the trail. 

The Trail was bursting with flowers… bleeding hearts, trillium, flowering salmonberry, skunk cabbage and pretty moss.

Interesting as WTA lists the elevation gain as 700 feet & 8.6 miles. All Trails lists the elevation gain as 1646 feet and 8.8 miles. We all felt it was closer to a 1200 foot gain. The mystery continues!

Fellow hikers included: Clarence Elstad, hike leader, Toni Williams, Gerlinde Gruber, Ida Callahan, Joanie Pryor, Sylvia & Sam Shiroyama, Cam Bradley, Kendra Wanzenried