Fidalgo Island Anacortes: Sugarloaf and Mt. Erie – June 9, 2021 Hike Report

Fidalgo Island Anacortes: Sugarloaf and Mt. Erie

Eleven CAI-PNW members met at Heart Lake at 10:30 AM to hike around Heart Lake [elevation: 338ft], up Sugarloaf [1,044ft], up Mt. Erie [1,273ft], and return.  There were three distance options with routes designed so the group could hike together as much as possible and enjoy the lunch-spot viewpoint on Mt. Erie.  The long route was 7.6 miles with 3,183ft of total elevation-change measured.

The hike began with mid-50s temperature and partly cloudy conditions.  The sky cleared significantly by the time hikers reached Sugarloaf.  Afternoon conditions were mostly clear, mid-60s temperature, wind under 10mph.  The afternoon weather was a perfect summer day, with climbers/rappellers out on Mt. Erie, kayakers and fishermen on Heart Lake, and a large group of youth mountain bicyclists departing as we finished.

The hike was at a social pace with stops for views and to take photos.  Scenery towards the East included Mount Baker, Skagit Valley, Similk Bay, Skagit Bay, and Camano Island.  Scenery to the South and West includes Whidbey Island, the Olympic Mountains, and the San Juan Islands. After completion, some hikers enjoyed sitting by the lake before departing.  Thank you to everyone for participating, glad a good time was had by all!

Fellow hikers included: Flo and John Burnett, Bev and Ron Riter, Sylvia and Sam Shiroyama, Ida Callahan, Gerlinde Gruber, Joanie Pryor, Kendra Wanzenried, Bart Pestarino hike leader.