Scorpion Mountain Hike Report – July 14, 2021

Pictured back to front:  Gerlinde Gruber, Clarence Elstad, Toni Williams, Kendra Wanzenried.
Not pictured & photographer: Joanie Pryor

Our hike to Scorpion Mountain provided outstanding views, lush fields of wild flowers, and opportunities to visit with one another. We had a total of five hikers: Clarence Elstad, Toni Williams, Kendra Wanzenried, Gerlinde Gruber, and Joanie Pryor, hike leader. When we started at 9:00 AM, the temperature was right around 60 degrees. By the time we returned to our cars, it was in the low 80’s – a perfect day for hiking.

It was a cloudless day which afforded us wonderful views of Glacier and Sloan Peaks to the north and Mt. Daniel and Mt. Rainier to the south with a 360 degree view all around by the time we reached the top of Scorpion. The great thing about this hike, particularly in really warm weather, is most of it is in the shade of coniferous forest. This may seem a drawback, however, the views one has when they reach the flower fields are worth the shade of the forest, a welcome respite from the heat.

When we stopped along the trail, we did run into biting bugs including deer flies which give a sharp bite. We were lucky to find a spot on the top of Scorpion with enough breeze to keep us cool during lunch and keep most of the bugs at bay.

All in all, it was a successful day with all of us making it to the top of Scorpion and safely back to our cars.