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  • Seattle Urban Walk – Volunteer Park (CAI-PNW) – Saturday, February 12, 2022

    Seattle Urban Walk – Volunteer Park (CAI-PNW) – Saturday, February 12, 2022 Join Steve Johnson for a Seattle urban walk. Ride the light rail from Northgate to University Station…more information will be provided at time of registration. To take advantage of the train, we’ll meet at the Capitol Hill Station. The idea is to walk […]

  • February 9, 2022 CAI-PNW Hike – Lost Lake

    Join Clarence Elstad for Lost Lake hike located near Larrabee State Park south of Bellingham. Lost Lake is tucked away atop Chuckanut Mountain. The trail to the lake leads through a recovering forest of big leaf maple, alder, Douglas fir, and western hemlock, meandering 4.5 miles to a riparian hideout, providing waterfalls, old growth, fall […]

  • Scorpion Mountain Hike Report – July 14, 2021

    Our hike to Scorpion Mountain provided outstanding views, lush fields of wild flowers, and opportunities to visit with one another. We had a total of five hikers: Clarence Elstad, Toni Williams, Kendra Wanzenried, Gerlinde Gruber, and Joanie Pryor, hike leader. When we started at 9:00 AM, the temperature was right around 60 degrees. By the time […]

  • Boulder River Trail Hike – May 14, 2021 Report

    Nine CAI-PNW members met at 10:30 AM at the Boulder River trailhead for a fun-filled day of hiking in this beautiful area. The biggest thrill was dodging the potholes on the road for three miles to the Trailhead! The trail is more technical with rocks, logs and roots however in very good condition. WTA (Washington […]

  • Upcoming: Scorpion Mountain Hike (CAI-PNW) Wednesday, July 14, 2021

    Join Joanie Pryor for this Scorpion Mountain hike. The hike offers a 360-degree view of the Central Cascades, and the huckleberries and blueberries make this a much-underrated fall hike. Start your hike from the Johnson Ridge Trail. Continue through the forest for pleasant walking along a gentle, undulating ridge. The trail climbs to Sunrise Mountain […]

  • Presentation on CAI Exchange Program to Padua – Recording

    On Tuesday, May 25, CAI-PNW member Linda Blevins gave a presentation about and showed photos of our Exchange to Padua.  Toni Williams served as moderator and summarized information about CAI-PNW and its activities.  The second part of the Exchange was to have happened last August with hikers from Padua coming to the PNW.  However, due […]

  • Fidalgo Island Anacortes: Sugarloaf and Mt. Erie – June 9, 2021 Hike Report

    Eleven CAI-PNW members met at Heart Lake at 10:30 AM to hike around Heart Lake [elevation: 338ft], up Sugarloaf [1,044ft], up Mt. Erie [1,273ft], and return.  There were three distance options with routes designed so the group could hike together as much as possible and enjoy the lunch-spot viewpoint on Mt. Erie.  The long route […]

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  • CAI-PNW January 2020 Hike – Seattle

    CAI-PNW January 2020 Hike – Seattle

    On January 11th, several of us gathered at the “Father and Son” fountain at the entry to the Olympic Sculpture Park in uptown Seattle.  We then spent a couple of rain-free hours enjoying the sculptures and pondering the relationships between art and nature (because that’s what the written descriptions invited us to do). The original […]