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  • CAI-PNW January 2020 Hike – Seattle

    CAI-PNW January 2020 Hike – Seattle

    On January 11th, several of us gathered at the “Father and Son” fountain at the entry to the Olympic Sculpture Park in uptown Seattle.  We then spent a couple of rain-free hours enjoying the sculptures and pondering the relationships between art and nature (because that’s what the written descriptions invited us to do). The original […]

  • CAI-PNW November 2019 Hike to Heybrook Ridge

    CAI-PNW November 2019 Hike to Heybrook Ridge

    Nine of us gathered Saturday in Index to hike up to Heybrook Ridge. There was only a drizzle on and so overall it was a good day for a November hike in the Pacific Northwest. There was a view of Mount Index and Bridle Veil Falls with interesting cloud formations at the top. The stop […]

  • Port Townsend

    Port Townsend

    CAI-PNW invaded Fort Worden State Park for three days of hiking, food and comradery. Port Townsend is a historical town on the Washington coast. It is a short ferry ride out of Edmonds to Kingston then, along highway 104 turning north at the Shine quarry site towards Port Townsend.Our guides for the weekend were Mike […]

  • The Grape Stomp

    The Grape Stomp

    THE WINNERS ARE…THE BAREFOOT COMPRESSORS!! Our CAI-PNW entered two teams in Festa Italiana Seattle’s Grape Stomp competition.  Each 3-person team was given four minutes to stomp on and collect the juice from 20 pounds of grapes in a barrel.  Our Barefoot Compressors (Clarence Elstad, Kendra Wanzenried and Flo Burnett) did a great job of stomping, […]

  • Barclay Lake Hike

    The CAI-PNW hike on September 14 to Barclay Lake went well. Even though the Weather Report was not the greatest; we had a fine day with only a few raindrops.  Along the 2.2 mile trail we saw beautiful ferns and various mushrooms that had popped up from the forest floor and on aging stumps and logs.  The […]

  • Snowshoeing at Gold Creek Valley

    Snowshoeing at Gold Creek Valley

    Winter Outing Trip report On a sunny day John, Joanne, Tatiana and George headed to Snoqualmie Pass for a day of snow shoeing. Our original plan was to park at the Silver Fir parking lot and take the snow shoe route to Hyak Lake and then continue to the Grand Junction hut for lunch and […]

  • Ebey's Landing

    Ebey's Landing

    On this Saturday of high weather instability, our Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve hike was pleasantly precipitation free and included periods of sun and blue skies punctuated with photogenic cumulus clouds. Our six mile loop hike featured a variety of vistas and visits: Views of a glacier-formed homesteaded agricultural prairie,a visit to a restored homesteader home, […]

  • PNW May

    PNW May

    Gorgeous day for a hike where 9 vigorous people made it up to the splendid water falls. The viewing was so close that you could get a welcome refreshing spry after a somewhat arduous hike of 22 rocky switchbacks.

  • PNW April

    PNW April

    Seven members braved the threatening cloudy sky to enjoy the beautiful Paradise Valley Conservation Area located in Snohomish county. The 800 acre has about 13 mile of trail system enjoyed by hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians. The wet trails and a few puddles did not deter our hikers from enjoying the forest, moss covered trees […]

  • PNW January 2018

    PNW January 2018

    On Saturday, January 13, seventeen of us (including two kids) enjoyed an eventually sunny walk around Seward Park and along Lake Washington Boulevard.  It was a very leisurely stroll with a number of persons stopping to check out the winter water birds.  After the walk, eleven of us adjourned to the Columbia City Ale House for […]