CAI-PNW is a subsection of Pisa of the Italian Alpine Club (Club Alpino Italiano).  CAI-PNW was started in 2002, after an exchange between the Seattle Mountaineers and CAI Pisa.  Since then CAI-PNW and CAI Pisa members have enjoyed numerous exchanges and trips together. Members of CAI- PNW share the benefits of membership in the Italian Alpine Club. These include participation in CAI outings, discounts at alpine huts in Europe, and accident rescue insurance within the alpine areas of Europe.

A program of outings in the Seattle area provides contact with fellow Italy fans. This mixing of Italy enthusiasts includes experienced travelers who are excellent resources for traveling in Italy and elsewhere.  CAI-PNW sponsors hikes and other activities in the Pacific Northwest as well as exchanges and trips to Italy and other countries.

CAI-PNW is listed as a Nonprofit Corporation by the State of Washington and is classified as a 503 C 7, social club.  We depend on volunteers to serve as officers, hike leaders and hosts for international guests.  Volunteers also organize events and work on special projects for our Club.