Maximum Coverage A

In case of death EU 55,000.00
Permanent disability EU 80,000.00
Reimbursement of Medical Expenses EU 2000.00 (EU 200.00 Deductible)
Cost included with membership


Cost included with membership

Paid members through 2018: coverage is extended till March 31 2019
New members: the coverage starts the day after signing up for membership (also in the period of 1st November -31 December 2017)
(Translated by Ida Callahan 5/22/2018)

For more information, see www.cai.it/index.php?id=764&L=0

CAI membership includes two kinds of insurance included. Insurance in case of accident for CAI planned activities, and insurance for mountaineering rescue. In case of accident in Italy, while participating a planned CAI activity, promoted by any of the CAI Sections, you have to fill in the attached form as soon as possible, and send the form and the attached material to the CAI Section of Pisa, Via Fiorentina 167, 56100 Pisa, Italy. The form and the attached material should arrive in Milano within 60 days maximum from the accident. You have to fill the same form also in case you had to support any expense in case of a Mountaineering rescue, for whichever activity you were doing in Italy, either with CAI or private. Form and attached documentation should arrive in Milano within 60 days from the rescue date.

The form is in Italian, so you may need some translation, and, in order to clarify this procedure to the other members of our Council also, I (Francesco Greco) have prepared the following information.  How to claim an accident, occurred while attending an official planned CAI activity (from the meeting point on), including planned meetings and Annual Assembly.

As soon as possible after the accident, please fill in the "Accident Insurance Claim Form", providing your personal data (surname, name, date of birth, CAI member number), the date and location of the occurrence, a general description of what happened, if the police, or other kind of Authority, was involved, names of the witnesses, and attaching the originals of all the documentation.

The form has to be mailed to the CAI Section of Pisa, Via Fiorentina 167, 56100 Pisa, Italy.

After the approval and the signature of the President of the CAI Section, the form and the attached documentation has to be forwarded to "Insurance Office" of CAI, in via Petrella 19, 20124 Milano, Italy. Form and documentation should arrive in Milano within 60 days of the accident maximum.

How to download the Form "Mod. 8) from Internet

Go to the web site www.cai.it, select "Assicurazioni", in the section "MODULISTICA 2010", click on "Modulo 8 -Denuncia sinistro Infortuni", and print the form. The following information could be helpful to you for filling the form in: Attivita' sezionale --> Planned CAI Activity Avvenuto il ---> Date of occurrence Localita' ---> Location of occurrence Infortunato ---> Victim of the accident Cognome ---> Surname Nome ---> Given Name Socio (si/no) ---> CAI Member (Yes/Not) Data di nascita ---> Date of birth Telefono ---> Telephone Indirizzo completo ---> Full address Descrizione dettagliata ---> detailed description Autorita' intervenute ---> Emergency Authority contacted Testimoni ---> Witnesses Allegati ---> Attachments


CAI-PNW History

CAI-PNW is a subsection of Pisa of the Italian Alpine Club (Club Alpino Italiano).  CAI-PNW was started in 2002, after an exchange between the Seattle Mountaineers and CAI Pisa.  Since then CAI-PNW and CAI Pisa members have enjoyed numerous exchanges and trips together. Members of CAI- PNW share the benefits of membership in the Italian Alpine Club. These include participation in CAI outings, discounts at alpine huts in Europe, and accident rescue insurance within the alpine areas of Europe.

A program of outings in the Seattle area provides contact with fellow Italy fans. This mixing of Italy enthusiasts includes experienced travelers who are excellent resources for traveling in Italy and elsewhere.  CAI-PNW sponsors hikes and other activities in the Pacific Northwest as well as exchanges and trips to Italy and other countries.

CAI-PNW is listed as a Nonprofit Corporation by the State of Washington and is classified as a 503 C 7, social club.  We depend on volunteers to serve as officers, hike leaders and hosts for international guests.  Volunteers also organize events and work on special projects for our Club.

Mission, Goals & Objectives

Utah Arches NP_20150512_0086


Club Alpino Italiano (CAI), Italian Hiking Club, Pacific Northwest Subsection of Pisa, is an organization dedicated to promoting the knowledge, study, protection and enjoyment of the mountains, the natural environment and cultures, especially of the Pacific Northwest and Italy.


CAI-PNW Subsection will provide activities that encourages members

  • To learn about and experience the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and beyond
  • To learn about and experience the culture, people, history and mountains of Italy
  • To share the wealth of mountaineering opportunities and Pacific Northwest culture with CAI members from Italy


In order to accomplish our goals and fulfill our mission, CAI-PNW will

  • Promote and organize hiking and cultural exchanges in the Italian and other mountains
  • Promote, organize and host hiking and cultural exchanges for CAI-Italy members to visit the Pacific Northwest and beyond
  • Plan with other CAI sections for joint mountaineering and cultural events
  • Encourage members to lead hikes and other outdoor activities
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for social activities
  • Promote alpinism in any form including hiking, rock climbing, walking, skiing, caving and other activities
  • Maintain a web site where individuals can gather information about the organization and its activities
  • Encourage membership involvement in other Italian organizations in the Pacific Northwest such as Dante Alighieri and Festa Italiana
  • Work with other outdoor organizations, such as The Mountaineers in planning activities of mutual interest