Job Descriptions

General Assembly of CAI-PNW is composed of all CAI-PNW members. The Assembly meets at least once a year between January 1 and March 31.  The Council is responsible for the agenda at the General Assembly.

  • All members with current membership may attend the Assembly
  • The Assembly is valid at the first call to order if at least fifty percent of the voting members are present. If less than fifty percent of the voting members are present, there will be a second call to order at least thirty minutes later.  At this time, the Assembly will be valid whatever the number of voting members present.
  • Assembly members can be represented by other members who have been so designated. A member can represent only themselves and at most one other member.
  • Members 18 years of and older may vote and are eligible for office.
  • The General Assembly is responsible for
    • Voting for Council members by secret ballot
    • Voting for other agenda items, including membership fees proposed by the Council, by a show of hands
    • Approving the general program of activities, the report by the President, the previous year’s accounting, and the current year’s budget
  • The Secretary takes the minutes of the Assembly, which are approved and signed by the President and the Secretary.

Council members should be well acquainted with the mission, goals and objectives of CAI-PNW as well as the regulations directing the operations. Council members are elected to a term of 2 years and may be re-elected any number of times.  The Council is composed of a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, Events Coordinator, International Trips Coordinator, and Webmaster and up to three At-Large members.  A quorum of at least fifty percent of the Council officers is required for any action or decision of the Council to be valid.

The Council is responsible to the General Assembly for:

  • The overall operation of CAI-PNW
  • The agenda of the General Assembly meetings
  • Developing the budget for year, to be presented to the General Assembly for discussion and approval
  • Planning local activities and international trips and exchanges for the membership
  • Reviewing proposed trips and exchanges and monitoring progress of planning.
  • Promoting CAI-PNW, including local and international activities
  • Reviewing each trip/exchange's final financial report and acting on the distribution of any excess funds with consideration of the recommendations from trip leader/s.
  • Carrying out the motions, orders and resolutions prescribed by the General Assembly
  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Reviewing and updating, as needed, the regulations, mission, goals and objectives and job descriptions

President should have experience in conducting meetings and leading groups, have organizational and management skills, and be well acquainted with the operations of CAI-PNW.  The President is responsible for:

  • Preparing agendas and conducting Council meetings to plan and organize activities for the organization
  • Providing orientation to new Council members
  • Supporting other officers as they carry out their duties
  • Presiding over the annual General Assembly meeting including election, approval of activities and events and the current year's budget
  • Assuring that motions, orders, and resolutions prescribed by the General Assembly are presented to Council for implementation
  • Serving as liaison with CAI-Pisa, including assuring that they are sent membership lists, minutes of the General Assembly Meeting, list of events and activities for the year, and other material as requested
  • Writing checks and receiving monies in the absence of the Treasurer
  • Monitoring financial reports and financial planning
  • Ensuring that an annual member review of the financial records is conducted
  • Overseeing the review and revision, as needed, of the regulations, mission, goals and objectives as well as job descriptions with the Council
  • Serving as advisor on the Council after retirement from the position of President

Treasurer should understand basic accounting principles, know how to prepare and manage balance sheet and income and expense statements, and understand the basic checks and balances of an accounting system. The treasurer manages the financial affairs of CAI PNW.  Responsibilities include the following:

A. Bank Account Maintenance

  • Managing the check book (s) to include making deposits and paying the bills of CAI PNW. Each deposit and check issued is to be immediately recorded in the checkbook ledger, with a description of the entry. The balance in the account is updated as each transaction is made.
  • Reimbursing club expenses incurred by CAI members as designated in the budget and to paying other liabilities such as dues to CAI-Pisa and government agency fees. Any other expenses or bills must be approved by a majority of the Council members.
  • Managing funds related to trips and exchanges:
    • Reimbursing trip or exchange leaders for Club approved trips and exchanges from funds that are collected from trip participants
    • Making deposits as requested by trip or exchange leader/s for such things as lodging or transportation
    • Providing an advance payment to trip or exchange leaders if requested
    • Keeping a separate ledger of the balance of each trip or exchange
    • Disbursing trip or exchange surpluses within 60 days of the final accounting of each trip as recommended by the trip or exchange leader/s and approved by the Council
    • Reconciling the monthly checkbook account balance with the bank statement

B. Financial Reporting

  • Preparing receipts and disbursements statement for each Council meeting with supporting comments as to major variances
  • Preparing an Annual Financial Report for approval at Annual General Assembly Meeting
  • Preparing an Annual Budget with Council recommendations for approval at the Annual General Assembly Meeting
  • Filing agency or regulatory reports as required such as 990-N and State of Washington nonprofit license
  • Reporting any discrepancies in any accounts to the Council immediately
  • Promoting an annual member review of the financial records

C. Expense Reimbursement

  • Reimbursing expenses once a copy of a receipt is signed and dated describing the purpose of the reimbursement
  • Reimbursing requests under $25 do not require a receipt but must be signed

D. CAI-PNW Banking and Debit Card/s

  • CAI-PNW has an established debit card for ease of making deposit transactions and other authorized uses. Funds on deposit can be accessed using this card for CAI-PNW purposes.
  • The Treasurer and the President both have debit cards and are also signors on the checking account.
  • The bank account is at Bank of America. The account is set up for online banking.  Statements are not mailed.


Secretary should have basic writing and computer skills. The secretary records minutes of meetings and maintains the club's records by:

  • Taking minutes at CAI-PNW Council and General Assembly meetings
  • Typing minutes of the meetings
  • Assuring that minutes of the previous Council and General Assembly meetings are available for review at Council Meetings and at the Annual General Assembly Meeting
  • Keeping minutes, treasurer's reports and other materials such as trip/exchange proposals and reports in an organized form for easy reference
  • Sending information to CAI-PNW members as requested by the President
  • Typing and copying information
CAI Baker Chain Lakes Jul07_20-01

Membership Coordinator should have good communication and computer skills with the ability to follow through with membership procedures listed below in a timely and diligent manner.  The Membership Coordinator manages all membership activities including:

  • Assuring that CAI-PNW members are notified to renew their annual memberships and encouraging CAI-PNW friends to become members
  • Collecting CAI-PNW Membership Application and Renewal Forms
  • Collecting annual accident waivers from each joining or renewing member and maintaining a file of those waivers, in addition to group accident waivers for specific events that include non-members
  • Maintaining an adequate supply of membership booklets and obtaining more when needed
  • Obtaining bollini (stamps) from CAI-Pisa. In November of each year, request that CAI-Pisa provide us with what we determine to be an adequate number of bollini. Any unused bollini must be returned to CAI-Pisa via insured mail, to arrive in Pisa no later than October 31.
  • Processing and mailing membership booklets for new members
  • Processing renewals and mailing annual bollini to renewing members
  • Sending membership checks to the CAI-PNW treasurer
  • Entering and maintaining membership information in a spreadsheet format
  • Preparing reports of subsets of membership data and sending specific data to CAI-Pisa and the CAI-PNW President
  • Calculating the amount owed to CAI Pisa, confirming the amount with CAI Pisa's Secretary and requesting that the CAI-PNW Treasurer make payment before the end of each calendar year
  • Maintaining the email list for current members and adding non-current members from the previous year to the friends list
  • Communicating with CAI-Pisa before our Annual General Assembly Meeting to learn the membership fees CAI-Pisa will collect from us for each of the four types of membership, so that information can be shared with Council and General Assembly to determine the amount of our membership dues


Events Coordinator should have communication and computer skills.  The Events Coordinator encourages members to lead or sponsor activities (walking, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, skiing, etc.) and social activities (potlucks, lunches, dinners, etc.).  Duties include the following:

  • Planning monthly events
  • Obtaining pertinent information for activities including name and contact information (phone and email) of the person leading the event, a description of the event including the distance and elevation for the hike, etc., as well as when and where the event is being held
  • Providing information about future activities and reports and pictures of past activities to the Communications Coordinator for publication
  • Providing copies of Release and Indemnity Agreement to leaders, to be completed by all participants and then given to the Membership Coordinator for record keeping
  • Requesting activity leaders to send reports and pictures to the Events Coordinator soon after completion of the activity
  • Providing a list of activities for the next calendar year to Council and to the General Assembly
  • Working closely with the Communications Coordinator to ensure all information on events is correct and up to date


International Trips Coordinator should be well organized, have good communication skills, have experience as a trip leader and have international travel experience.  The International Trips Coordinator coordinates proposed CAI-PNW trips and exchanges involving CAI-PNW members in cooperation with CAI sections in Italy or other clubs or on its own by:

  • Finding partners for future exchange programs
  • Finding leaders for exchanges or international trips
  • Providing guidance and assistance to trip and exchange leaders, ensuring that they receive a copy of the CAI-PNW Trip or Exchange Policies and Guidelines
  • Coordinating exchange programs or international trips
  • Promoting trips and exchanges to members and CAI-Pisa
  • Encouraging participants to write articles about their trip for the CAI-PNW website
  • Promoting the organization of at least one international trip a year


Webmaster should have good computer skills as well as understand the backend of the website.  The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining our CAI-PNW website.  Duties include the following:

  • Maintaining and updating information about planned activities, events and information about CAI-PNW
  • Compiling a summary of website activities including readership metrics for Council meetings
  • Assuring that all purchased software used is the most current version


At-Large Member (Communications Coordinator) should have writing and computer skills.  Duties include the following:

  • Publishing newsletters about CAI-PNW activities at least quarterly and sending them to CAI-PNW members via email
  • Sending other information to the membership as requested by the CAI-PNW Council members
  • Managing correspondence from our CAI-PNW email account
  • Setting up and maintaining social networking sites, such as Facebook
  • Providing information about planned activities and events to the Webmaster


At-Large Member (Liaison with Italian Organizations) should be acquainted with Italian organizations in the Seattle area.  The Liaison with Italian Organizations serves as liaison between CAI-PNW and other Italian organizations in the Seattle area by:

  • Informing other Italian organizations about the activities of CAI-PNW, such as hiking, urban walking, snowshoeing and overseas trips and exchanges and encouraging their members to become involved
  • Informing the CAI-PNW membership about other Italian organizations and events
  • Encouraging CAI-PNW members to participate in and promote CAI-PNW at Italian events

At-Large Members are interested in supporting the activities of CAI-PNW.  The At-Large Member duties include:

  • Providing assistance to CAI-PNW Council members as well as with CAI-PNW activities
  • Participating in planning and strategizing of CAI-PNW’s  activities