Mission, Goals & Objectives


Club Alpino Italiano (CAI), Italian Hiking Club, Pacific Northwest Subsection of Pisa, is an organization dedicated to promoting the knowledge, study, protection and enjoyment of the mountains, the natural environment and cultures, especially of the Pacific Northwest and Italy.


CAI-PNW Subsection will provide activities that encourages members

  • To learn about and experience the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and beyond
  • To learn about and experience the culture, people, history and mountains of Italy
  • To share the wealth of mountaineering opportunities and Pacific Northwest culture with CAI members from Italy

In order to accomplish our goals and fulfill our mission, CAI-PNW will

  • Promote and organize hiking and cultural exchanges in the Italian and other mountains
  • Promote, organize and host hiking and cultural exchanges for CAI-Italy members to visit the Pacific Northwest and beyond
  • Plan with other CAI sections for joint mountaineering and cultural events

  • Encourage members to lead hikes and other outdoor activities
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for social activities
  • Promote alpinism in any form including hiking, rock climbing, walking, skiing, caving and other activities
  • Maintain a web site where individuals can gather information about the organization and its activities
  • Encourage membership involvement in other Italian organizations in the Pacific Northwest such as Dante Alighieri and Festa Italiana
  • Work with other outdoor organizations, such as The Mountaineers in planning activities of mutual interest