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  • February 9, 2022 CAI-PNW Hike – Lost Lake

    Join Clarence Elstad for Lost Lake hike located near Larrabee State Park south of Bellingham. Lost Lake is tucked away atop Chuckanut Mountain. The trail to the lake leads through a recovering forest of big leaf maple, alder, Douglas fir, and western hemlock, meandering 4.5 miles to a riparian hideout, providing waterfalls, old growth, fall […]

  • Amalfi Urban Hike – Lower Trail of the Valle delle Ferriere CAI-325 – October 13, 2021

    Amalfi Urban Hike – Lower Trail of the Valle delle Ferriere CAI-325 – October 13, 2021

    This month, I had the opportunity to visit friends at CAI-Pisa to discuss the exchange for next year. After, the meeting I made a trip the to the Amalfi Coast. This peninsula is remarkable for the rugged cliffs that plunge into the Gulf of Salerno and the notable towns of Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi that […]

  • Lighthouse Point Hike – Deception Pass State Park Trip Report – October 13, 2021

    Lighthouse Point Hike – Deception Pass State Park Trip Report  – October 13, 2021

    Twelve hikers and friends could not have hoped for a better day for our hike at Deception Pass. Several of us checked out the wood carving – the Maiden of Deception Pass before starting the hike. The Maiden is a carved story pole of a maiden named “Ko-kwahl-alwoot.” According to Samish tribal tradition, long ago this maiden risked her […]

  • Lake Valhalla – Smithbrook Hike Report – September 8, 2021

    Our hike to Lake Valhalla provided outstanding views and opportunities to sample huckleberries and alpine blueberries along the way. There were streaks of color from fall foliage throughout the hike. It was evident that summer is coming to an end and autumn is on its way. The bold and brilliant berries on the Mountain Ash […]

  • Boulder River Trail Hike – May 14, 2021 Report

    Nine CAI-PNW members met at 10:30 AM at the Boulder River trailhead for a fun-filled day of hiking in this beautiful area. The biggest thrill was dodging the potholes on the road for three miles to the Trailhead! The trail is more technical with rocks, logs and roots however in very good condition. WTA (Washington […]

  • Upcoming: Scorpion Mountain Hike (CAI-PNW) Wednesday, July 14, 2021

    Join Joanie Pryor for this Scorpion Mountain hike. The hike offers a 360-degree view of the Central Cascades, and the huckleberries and blueberries make this a much-underrated fall hike. Start your hike from the Johnson Ridge Trail. Continue through the forest for pleasant walking along a gentle, undulating ridge. The trail climbs to Sunrise Mountain […]

  • CAI-PNW March 2020 Hike

    CAI-PNW March 2020 Hike

    Last Saturday, March 14th, Gerlinde Gruber, Kendra Wanzenried, Ida Callahan, Ron Riter, and Joanie Pryor chanced snow, rain, and wind to hike up to the top of Little Mountain Park, the largest park of the city of Mt. Vernon. As it turned out, although a little cold, it was a beautiful day with sun, a […]

  • CAI-PNW January 2020 Hike – Seattle

    CAI-PNW January 2020 Hike – Seattle

    On January 11th, several of us gathered at the “Father and Son” fountain at the entry to the Olympic Sculpture Park in uptown Seattle.  We then spent a couple of rain-free hours enjoying the sculptures and pondering the relationships between art and nature (because that’s what the written descriptions invited us to do). The original […]

  • CAI-PNW November 2019 Hike to Heybrook Ridge

    CAI-PNW November 2019 Hike to Heybrook Ridge

    Nine of us gathered Saturday in Index to hike up to Heybrook Ridge. There was only a drizzle on and so overall it was a good day for a November hike in the Pacific Northwest. There was a view of Mount Index and Bridle Veil Falls with interesting cloud formations at the top. The stop […]