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American Southwest 2015 Trip Picture Report


CAI-PNW visit CAI Pisa

Pictures from Giovanni Bertini & Ron Riter.

Fourteen CAI members visited in Piazza di Miracoli before going to Giovanni & Roberta‚Äôs home for a lunch that was prepared by Roberta, Piera & Franca.  A couple of days later many of us met at Campocatino for hiking.  Some hiked to Tambura Pass and on to Tambura Peak, others did a variety of hikes.  The eveningwas spent at Gorfigliano for diner and socializing.  Other pictures are from Castelluccio di Norcia and Grand Sasso where we were previously hosted by CAI Spoleto.




Interested in Peru 2016? CAI-PNW is planning a trip.




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Italian trip 2015: Cortina to Donegeni

Leave Seattle Monday September 7 return Tuesday September 22.

Estimated cost is 1400 Euros



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